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The PhD School in Physics and Astronomy organizes a series of seminars (in English) given by the third-year PhD students, for disseminating their activity in the science campus of the University of Florence.

Students, researchers, professors (and rest of the world) are invited! A small offer of fine biscuits will follow the seminars.

The seminars will be given from February to September every two weeks (possibly) on Thursday.

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Schedule 2017

Date Student Time Location Title Presentation
16 feb Marco Gabbrielli 14:30 Aula Magna Witnessing entanglementfor quantum interferometry pdf
01 mar Leonardo Salvi 14:30 Aula Magna  A spin squeezed atom interferometer pdf 
15 mar Sofia Pazzagli 14:30 Aula Magna  Growth and characterization of nanocrystals for nanophotonic applications  
6 apr Eleonora Bianchi 14:30  Aula Magna  Tracing our chemical origin: complex organic molecules in Sun-like protostars   pdf
27 apr Giuseppe Pastore 14:30 Aula Magna  Study of the isospin transport phenomena in nuclear reaction with the FAZIA detector  pdf
11 may Marco Rocchini 14:30 Aula Magna  Looking Inside Atoms: Shapes of Atomic Nuclei using Low-Energy Coulomb excitation  pdf
25 may Claudia Toci 14:30  Aula Magna  The early phase of Star Formation  pdf
08 jun Simona Scaffidi 14:30 Aula Magna  Evidence of quantum phase slips in a 1D atomic superfluid  
22 jun Ruben Del Aguila        
06 jul Mirko Curti    
Assessing the chemical evolution in local and high redshift galaxies
20 jul Giulia Faraoni     The intriguing fate of a dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate at the collapse threshold  powerpoint
07 sep Liang Hu        pdf
21 sep Greta Guidi     Observing dust evolution in protoplanetary disks with radio interferometry  
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