PLS (Piano Lauree Scientifiche) FOR PHYSICS

PLS (Piano Lauree Scientifiche) FOR PHYSICS


The Scientific Degree Plan (PLS) was established in 2004 on the initiative of MIUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research), the Conference of Deans of Science and Technology and Confindustria. The main purposes of the PLS are the following:



promote enrollment in scientific degree courses, trying to achieve a gender balance, with opportunities for active orientation;

- reduce university dropout rates and improve student performance, by introducing innovative teaching tools and methodologies;

- carry out training, support and monitoring initiatives for tutors who accompany the basic courses of the first years;

- carry out self-assessment activities aimed at secondary school students, for a conscious choice of their training path;

- provide school teachers of scientific disciplines with opportunities for professional growth through active participation in the planning of activities carried out jointly with the University.


The laboratory plays a central role in the PLS experience. It is not only a physical space, equipped with special devices, but more importantly a learning methodology, that stimulates students to approach scientific disciplines with an experimental vision. The PLS promotes the development and strengthening of relations between school and university: it is characterized by the joint design and implementation of laboratory activities involving both. PLS activities, carried out in most italian universities, are developed according to the guidelines as part of six actions:

  • student orientation, favoring gender balance;

- reduction of dropout rates;

- training, support and monitoring of tutors' activities;

- laboratories for teaching basic sciences;

- self-assessment didactic activities;

- teacher training.


The PLS-Physics in Florence has implemented the national guidelines. The work carried out in recent years focused on these activities:

 - interactive workshops for groups of secondary school students;

- internships for secondary school students, focused on laboratory activities;

- training and refresher courses for in-service teachers.


The local coordinator of PLS-Physics, to be contacted for more detailed information on such activities, is Samuele Straulino.


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