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Dottorato in Fisica e Astronomia
PhD in Physics and Astronomy

The PhD in Physics and Astronomy is a full-time period of research aiming to help the students to build upon research skills and specialist knowledge. We have a long tradition of excellence in both teaching and research, and have interests in most areas of contemporary physics and astronomy. The program is designed to prepare young researchers for professional careers in science and technology.  Our graduates have often risen to become leaders in industry and academia in national and international scenarios.


News / Avvisi

  • The PhD-day (official website: is an event that brings together the academia from different fields of study and undergraduate students to allow building a scientific research network in the University of Florence. The PhD-day will take place the 24th May, 2017 at the "Blocco Aule" building. PhD students will have the unique opportunity to share their work and find unexpected common interests while discussing their findings with colleagues from all departments and research institutes of the University of Florence. All the interested people are invited to partecipate.


  • The next seminar of the PhD Di(e)ssertations will be on May 25th, 2017, 14:30, in the Aula Magna at the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy. The talk entitled "The early phase of star formation" will be given by Claudia Tocidownload the abstract of the seminar. Students, researchers, professors (and rest of the world) are invited! A small offer of fine biscuits will follow the seminars.






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